Wow! What a Trifecta!



Only in this case all three girls are the winner! Congrats to Leigh Wardlaw who started the ball rolling when she did so well this past month in Blowing Rock on Splotch that her family were super enough to enable to to move up to a more advanced mount… George! George aka Beachwalk is a cool warmblood that was previously doing the junior hunters. He is a great one to move up to the 3′ hunters on, which is what Leigh aspires to do. Before she could do that however… she needed to secure a new rider for Splotch… enter- Laura Morehead! Laura has been super successful with the limited riding she had been doing with Romeo- winning almost everything the first show she went to but was already a bit too tall for him. Full leasing a larger horse, Splotch means that she can now work on working on her next goal – the 2’6 pre-child hunter division. She is in turn needed to give up Romeo first… so, you guess it… enter Bella Brawley! Bella also aspires to work towards the 2’6 Pre-Child or Child Pony division, and needed to full lease a good one to get her there. With Laura giving up her half lease of Romeo she was able to do just that, hence- the perfect ending.