Upcoming Horse Show Schedule

I’m asking Caroline to put up on Sign Up Genius for the show dates for January and February Aikens, as well as January and February Ocala and Ohio. We will only do one place per month… (not all three!) and would like the majority to rule. Sign up for where you wish to go and we will make the plan shortly. My guess is that we stick close to home and do the January Aikens at Highfields but perhaps venture farther for February to either of the other places? It would be nice to find a competitive venue that offers a new facility. I have heard nothing but good things about Ohio. Look it up- www.wec.net  . Ocala is another place that we haven’t been to in awhile- next year WEC will be opening their newest facility in Ocala which I really would like to go to. This year it would be HITS Ocala- which is still fine but not quite as nice as WEC. The drive is about the same- 7-8 hours either north west or south east. Our riders would fly in on Friday afternoon, out on Sunday the two weeks we would attend. We would do both weeks to make it worth while. Of course we always still have the option to go back to PSJ’s Highfield’s Aiken shows in February…  Let us know! Thanks!