Overflow Farm

Still not sure what it’s official name will be, but for now we are calling the  property we hope to close on this month- Overflow Farm. Located on the border of Mineral Springs and Monroe, the 25 flat acres and a cute Cap Cod House will hopefully soon be home to Ricardo and his family, along with numerous of our great retired horses, rehab horses, broodmares, and foals. Cedarhill has been busting at the seams for awhile now and we hope that with this new farm we can provide the room necessary for all. The horses that move to Overflow Farm will now have the luxury of having large grass fields to graze on, rather than be cooped up in small paddocks. Ricardo will care for them before heading to work at Cedarhill everyday. He will also be able to bring home in a dump trailer all the manure that Cedarhill creates and spread it on new land. Less crowding will help the overall flow of Cedarhill and all who remain.

After the closing mid February, we will be getting right to renovating the house for the Lopez Family to move in to, while we clear brush and install the fencing and sheds for two large pastures and one smaller paddock. After Overflow Farm is complete, we will move on to renovating the apartment that the Lopez family had been in, the one that we (Andrea, Brian and Max) had originally lived in for 12 years, in preparation for Carlos, Candido, and Noel. The studio apartment that they will be moving out of will be renovated and made into a PARENT lounge- (Kids have the tack rooms-  which they have a hard enough time keeping tidy)

It will be a busy Spring!