November Tack Swap- New Manager needed!

We will have our Tack Swap out the week before our November 19th Grassroots horse Show. A great opportunity to pick up horse related riding apparel, especially for those kids who keep outgrowing their stuff, it also is a great place to sell the outgrown items. Simply tag your items with name, your phone number, and the asking price, and place in the sale. If someone is interested, they either remove the tag, and put the $ / check in ¬†envelope provided. If there are any questions or you want to haggle price; call the owner! The swap runs itself on the honor system. Nonetheless we are looking for someone to help set it up and take it down prior to our Grassroots horse shows. In between set ups the items can be stored in someone’s garage, or in the Lab in the Hay barn. ¬† In the past we have had Tammy Weber, Ellen Holland, and most lately Elizabeth Sigmon. All are moms of rider’s who have either moved on or have a license to drive… and now they aren’t out here as much. Let me know if you can help!