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Cedarhill offers English Hunt Seat Equitation Riding Instruction to both children and adults.

Our group lessons are 2 hours long. The first half hour is spent learning to properly bring your assigned mount in, and tack up. An hour is spent in the saddle riding before the last half hour; designed to untacking and properly caring and putting your mount away.

Teacher Assistants help our riding instructors with their students in the preparation of their lesson, keeping the lessons on schedule as well as with the untacking.

• We have over 20 capable school horses and ponies of different levels to provide our students many options. Three all weather footing rings, complete with jumps, cavalletti, cones, and other appropriate teaching materials provide the excellent environment necessary for quality instruction.

• Our wash bays and grooming stalls in both the lesson and main barn, equipped with grooming and tacking supplies provide our students with the necessary tools to complete their lesson in horsemanship.

Our regular group lessons at Cedarhill Farm are $85 per lesson and are also called A la Cart lessons. For approximately $340 per month, essentially an additional $80 per month, a la carte/regular riders have the option of  rescheduling any lessons they might miss.

We offer a discount for riders who can commit to a full session (essentially a month) of lessons. The discounted lessons are $70 per lesson, or approximately $280 per month. With the exception of posted holidays our session riders ride every week. There are no reschedules unless extreme weather makes it dangerous to drive out to the barn. If the weather is not appropriate for riding, we teach horsemanship of all levels  under  cover. We encourage our session riders to keep their sessions status despite perhaps missing an occasional lesson since we give preference to session riders and strive to fill our schedule with session rather than a la cart/regular riders.


Our a la carte and session riders are billed via email two weeks prior to the beginning of the start of the session for collection of lesson payment.If you cannot commit to a session, please consider our regularly priced $85 lessons. Contact Brian Guzinski if there are any billing questions, or if you would like to discontinue lessons email him at

Lesson Agreement

Our commitment to you:

• To provide a fun and safe riding experience for your rider.
• To give excellent instruction on the fundamentals of good horsemanship.

Your Commitment to us:

• Arrive in time for the start of your  assigned lesson.

• Notify us by phone if you are running late for a lesson by calling one of the following numbers:

Cedarhill Farm                              704-843-5944

Caroline Foto                                 704-649-5799

Andrea Guzinski                           704-965-8798

Shelley Wynn                                 704-576-6841                

Colleen Huber                               704-589-1088



Calling or Texting your instructor is the best way to convey a message.

•Notify us by email if you are unable to make your scheduled lesson. There is opportunity alot of the time to swap out some of the lessons you are missing with another family, also in the same predicament. Note that although Cedarhill will make every attempt to fill your lesson, there is no guarantee that a lesson can/will be made up.

• In case of inclement weather, we will offer classroom instruction and in-the barn practice of grooming and general equine care. Our instructors have developed a curriculum for all ages and abilities of riders. We believe our Training Center helps us better educate our students in all aspects of horsemanship.

• Please  allow two hours for your child to fully enjoy his or her lesson -- 30  minutes to catch and tack the horse, one hour in the saddle and another 30 minutes for un-tacking, grooming, putting away  equipment and returning their horses to the paddock or stall).

• While many of you enjoy helping your children with their horses, please understand that a large part of their lesson is learning how to groom and tack their mounts themselves. Please allow them to learn and practice these skillls. The time in grooming stalls is every bit as important as the time in the saddle.

• Our group lessons are $85 for the two hour group lesson. We discount our lessons for those wanting to commit to a monthly session. These riders are billed each month at the rate of $70. for each group lesson. Session lessons are non-refundable. Payment is due by the first day of each month. We have a late charge of $25. for lesson payments paid after the 1st, and a $60 late charge for lessons paid after the 10th. We request an email or letter in writing to Brian Guzinski who handles the bookkeeping to discontinue the session riding lessons prior to the beginning of the next session. His email address is

• Our a-la-cart riders call to schedule each week at the rate of $85 for each group lesson, and carry a full $75 cancellation fee. Private lessons are available for  $95. per 1/2 hour.

• Occasionally,  due to weather or unforeseen factors, our lessons may run a little behind schedule. Please show us patience and use this time to watch other lessons. Your child can learn a lot by observing the other students.

Summer Riding Sign Up

• During our summer months of June, July, and August most of our families have a very irregular riding schedule compared to the fall (school) schedule. Sign up and pre-pay for a minimum of 4 lessons in any of the summer months to take advantage of the session rate discount. A la cart lessons, which are 3 lessons or less per month are $85. per lesson. The lessons schedule will be in the book for your instructor to sign you up, and collect a check for the lessons. You can also sign up by calling us, however we need a check mailed in before we can put your name on the schedule.  The Summer Sign Up book will be available on May 1st.  

Fall Riding Registration

• We start our fall registration in the middle of July. During that time all returning students as well as new riders to Cedarhill Farm fill out a new registration form with their current contact information as well as a new Medical form and Liability release form. Cedarhill requires a $25. yearly registration fee for all new and returning students.

• By the first week in August we send out a tentative schedule by e mail, and around August 15th we send out a final schedule.

Lesson Rates

Private lessons: $95/half hour instruction.
Semi Private lessons: $95/one hour instruction.

A-la-cart Group lessons:$85/ one hour instruction. 

Session Group lessons: $70/ one hour instruction. (this rate is for students who come every week and prepay for the month. No make-ups or rescheduling. To discontinue the session lessons, please inform Brian and your instructor by either email or writing.


Registration: Please download the PDF file below which consists of two pages to be filled out and mailed back to us to get enrolled in Cedarhill Farm's lesson schedule. We require a $25. registration fee for all new and returning students which should be mailed along with the forms to:

Cedarhill Farm Inc

2620 Waxhaw Marvin Rd

Waxhaw, NC 28173

Cedarhill 2015-2016 registration

cedarhill release form - Cedarhill 2015-2016 Release and Hold Harmless Agreement ONLY (for evalutation lessons riders only need this form- Once riders commit to our program they need to also submit the registration form)



Our assistant, Kathleen and one of our students

at Cedarhill Farm.

Caroline Foto

Our Instructors & Staff at Cedarhill:

•Andrea Guzinski-Head Riding Instructor & overall manager of Cedarhill for over 20 years, Andrea has brought many riders and horses from the beginner ring through the ranks to the Junior and Amateur ring, winning at prestigious shows such as Ocala Hits, Pennsylvania National Show, Washington International, National Horse Show and more.

• Caroline Foto- Riding Instructor and Rider. With over 8 years with Cedarhill Farm as a professional and 17 years as a student at Cedarhill Farm, Caroline knows Cedarhill!   Caroline is an asset to the Cedarhill program from the Beginner Ring to our A Show Team, and everything in between.Caroline also is our IEA Head Coach.

•Colleen Huber- Riding Instructor-Colleen helps us on a part time basis teaching our morning adults and to fill in as needed.

•Schelley Wynn- Instructor, Rider, and Barn Manager. Schelley schedules vet, farrier, chiropractor, and dentist visits and ensures that the after care is being covered. She fills in as needed to complete our staff responsibilites.

•Kathleen Hammer- Assistant Barn Manger, helping Schelley with barn tours, answering the phones, and assisting our clients.

Our Teacher Assistants

Kathleen Hammer

Tracy Nystrom

Wynne Weatherly

Allyson Pace

Holiday Schedule/No Lessons 2015

(You will not be billed for these days)

May 23-25 Memorial Day Weekend

June 15 Summer Schedule Starts

Aug. 24 Fall Schedule Starts

Sept. 7 Labor Day

Oct. 31 Halloween

Nov. 26-30 Thanksgiving Break

Dec.24-1/1 Christmas Break


Ask your instructor if you wish to sign up for lessons during some of the holidays listed above.

Check out the pictures of our Morning Ladies Day Out riding lessons, as well as other lesson pictures! Click here.