Horse Care Supplies

Empty spray bottles for copper sulfate, show sheen, hair conditioner, fly spray, vinegar after rain, shampoo, conditioner, venice turpentine, poultice, duct tape, sole paint, gloves, surgical scrub, aloe vera, show sheen, hoof packing, magna paste, standing wraps, scratch medicine (AD Cream mixed with Neosporin, Zinc oxide and Hydrocortisone) , diapers… the list goes on. ┬áMake sure your trunk is stocked for any/all emergencies as well as day to day use! A lot of this can be found in the grocery or pharmacy store.

Please get these supplies if you are full or half leasing a horse/pony. Cedarhill has most if not all of this and can provide it in a pinch for $20/day in an emergency.