Farm Workday – December 20 & 21 9am-5pm

In the spirit of service and giving we would like to have the IEA team (and our boarders if they like) give back to the guys by helping around the farm.  December 20th and 21st we would take over the farm chores.  Ricardo, Carlos, and Candidio would do breakfast, turnout, and the walker.  The riders would clean and hay stalls, sweep barn aisle and cross ties, clean waterers, etc. Then in the afternoon bring in the horses and assist with full care.  Days would run from 9-5.

Mid day Wednesday we would offer a pizza party
Mid day Thursday would be an IEA Lesson opportunity
Ricardo, Carlos, and Candido work tirelessly day in and day out to make the farm run and ensure the best care for our horses.  What a great way to let them have some well deserved rest around the holidays!!
Please let Caroline know ASAP if your child can participate so we can sort out logistics and make sure we have the man power to pull it off.  It will take many team members to pull off what these 3 men do every day!!!