Daily Day Care is Needed for ALL of our Horses!

We all value our horses and ponies and want what is best for them- and that means caring for them on a daily basis. Our horses need to be curried and groomed, hooves picked out, thrush prevention, and proper hoof care. On a regular basis ( couple times per week) they need their socks whitened and their tail conditioned.  During the wetter season we often also do vinegar rinses…  While we have hands on, literally, we are also going over the condition of their feet, skin, and discovering any swellings, nicks, cuts or other irregularities that need attention. We owe this attention  to our athletes ( our horses and ponies)   who we expect to be their best for us. A lot can be headed off ahead of time with more diligence. A slight swelling picked up from a misstep in the field the night before or after a strenuous lesson/show can be iced for a few days and NOT develop into a 3-6 month soft tissue injury.

We would like for our riders to be attentive to their mounts letting us know when they aren’t able to care for them themselves, and sign up for the care that they need.

For our busy riders- those that live farther away, have other sports and a tough school work load, full day care might be the answer for you. You are still caring for your mount when you are here, but your athlete is being cared for every time they come in from the field, regardless if you are out or not. It means that they are already cleaned, and cared for which can facilitate a tight schedule. Nonetheless full care horses still need attention from their riders! You don’t know your horse until you have spent time with them!

Daily Full Care is an additional $400/month . These horses also have unlimited use of the horse walker. This fee also includes the  basic supplies and products your mount needs per month; fly spray, shampoo, sole paint, hoof packing, conditioner, duct tape, epsom salts, magna paste, diapers etc… Specialized products and Vet medications are in addition.  Taylor will be dedicating every Wednesday to work with Dr Sam and will not be teaching in order to provide the best service to your horses.  Carlos and Samuel will be assisting to ensure that our Full Care horses get the care they deserve and need.

Daily Full Care by the day is @ $30/day and is also available with all the same perks as the monthly full care horses.

We have a community cabinet for everyone to contribute supplies but in case its empty,  – we will have supplies @ $20/day. Please ask Taylor for what you need and she will make sure to bill it.