Cedarhill Outlook – Part 2- w/Cedarhill’s 2017-18 IEA Team

Caroline, Taylor and I have spent much of the summer discussing goals and direction for Cedarhill and it’s families.  Part of what makes Cedarhill great is that we have top level riding on many levels.  Cedarhill offers an incredibly strong lesson program, top notch IEA team, and highly competitive C show and A show level riders and horses.  Our concern is that our riders, their families and us as trainers are spreading ourselves too thin over too many avenues.  We would like everyone to streamline their goals and be great within the specific avenue (or two) they choose to focus on.

Goal Examples:
A Show Level:
Devon, Penn National, Washington International, The National.  These horse shows take the top 15-35 Hunter riders per division in the country (depending on show).  Each rider is allowed their top 15 A/AA shows  points to count towards qualifying.  Ideally you have a minimum of 20 to choose from

National Level Equitation Finals:Maclay Finals, Pessoa Medal Finals, WIHS Equitation Finals, Talent Search, THIS Medal
State Level Equitation FInals: NCHJA Medal Finals, SC Governor’s Cup Finals, EJ Haun Medal Finals, NCHJA Pony Medal Finals

World Champion Hunter Rider and Capitol Challenge

USHJA Zone Finals

USHJA Emerging Athletes Program

C Show Level:
Derby Finals: PSJ (2’ and 2’6) or Palmetto (3’)
NCHJA Medal finals at 2’9
BRHJA Medal finals at 2’6” or 3’
Palmetto Medal 3’

Both C and A levels have year end point standings.  Goals can be to finish top in your division.

Grassroots shows:
Improve from 1 show to the next
Make top 12 in Derby
Compete on a different horse each time and gauge personal strengths and weaknesses with each one

IEA:  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS EQUITATION BASED.  Judged on strength and form.  If you are not sure this suits your rider please talk to one of us.
Qualifying for Regionals, Zones, and Nationals
working on nerves on unfamiliar horses
Improving in day to day strength and skills to make show team

With all this in mind Caroline will spend the upcoming IEA season showing Taylor the ropes and Taylor will take ownership of the IEA Team going forward.  Caroline and I will continue heading up the A and C shows with hopes of taking more riders to national and state level finals.  We would like our full leasers and horse owners to prioritize their personal mounts and create goals specific to them.  IEA will continue with tryouts for the show team ensuring that all riders are suitably placed where they will be safely mounted and ready to be competitive.  We would like to see Taylor with our lesson students and half leasers as the main focus of IEA giving them an outlet to represent Cedarhill Farm while Caroline and I are focusing on being the best at the A and C levels.  We strongly feel that once you are competing seriously in the A show pony hunters or the 3’ divisions and above the competitive nature of the sport requires and deserves your full attention.

*****Those who have made the investment and commitment to a show horse are encouraged to step away from the IEA and focus on goals specific to that horse or pony.  IEA should be for the Cedarhill riders that do not want or have the opportunity to commit to one horse and the showing opportunities that come with that. **********

IEA Team:  Below are the levels in which each rider is eligible.  If you have a question mark by your name please chat with Andrea and or Caroline about the above Cedarhill Outlook.  We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your personal mount and that IEA is a benefit to your program not a distraction.  Also PLEASE remember that IEA is Equitation based.  IF this is not your strong suit talk to Andrea, Caroline and/or Taylor and we will help steer you towards goals that better suit your strengths.  If your name is NOT on the list and you think it should be let Caroline know (there is a good chance someone was forgotten?  Sorry!!!

Varsity Open: Class 1 and 6

Haley Rogers?

Emilie Burton

Emily Orrell?

Coleman Holland?


Varsity Intermediate: Class 2 and 7

Sumner Broadfoot?

Marshall Broadfoot

Lizzy Carter?

Kate Bollermann

Caroline Kosmicki


Junior Varsity Novice: Class 3 and 8

Leigh Wardlaw?

Sarah Hattaway

Alaina Smith


Junior Varsity Beginner: Class 9

Meg Birenbaum

Future Intermediate: Class 4 and 10

Bella Brawley

Claire Croghan

Cate Hernandez?


Future Novice: Class 5 and 11

Lauren Esposito

Gracie Deel

Ava Svatos

Brooke Brashear

Kay Benson

Natalie Reid

Walter Miller


Future Beginner: Class 12

Laure Morehead

Olivia Joubert

Ellie Meier

Emma Price

Sierra Jackson

Heather Harris

Ann Slegelmelch

Please go to www.rideiea.org and join under the membership tab.  You will need to PRINT, SIGN, PAY and RETURN to me.  I have to sign as well.  I will mail to Nationals.

I need to confirm they are open but Caroline will be at the Camden Tack Room Saturday, September 2nd from 10-12 to help with outfitting your rider for the season.  I have attached guidelines and expectations for our new riders.


Tan pants – ideally Tailored Sportsman

White Show shirt with long sleeves

Navy or Green Show Coat

Black Gloves

Black Crop

Black tall boots or brown or black paddock boots and garter straps

Black helmet – ideally Samsheild, Charles Owen, GPA, or OneK (Hairnets or pigtails and bows)