Cedarhill Christmas Party

Our Christmas party will be held  on Friday, December 22nd at the Guzinski’s house. All of our riders, families and friends are invited to attend! Once again, we hope it will be lots of fun, especially with our gift giving game. We would like everyone to bring a wrapped gift  to our party. Everyone will draw a number after the gifts have been well displayed in the center. There will be as many numbers as gifts. The person to draw number one will be the first to go and will have to pick from the pile. This year we will make a change; we will be opening the gift that we choose from the pile. The second person to go can choose to pick from the pile, or take the present from the person who went before them.  The person who has lost their present now picks from the pile. The next player can pick from the pile or can take from either of the two people who went before. As the game progresses it becomes apparent which are the “hot gifts”!

We also ask everyone to bring a covered dish to the party. We will have a sign up on the barn bulletin board for everyone to bring something of their choosing closer to the event.