Cedarhill Farm began in the 1970’s with Nora Cooke. Originally on Providence Road, just south of Alexander Rd. it moved to Waxhaw in 1989 when Nora wanted to retire, and develop the farm into the neighborhood “Cedarhill”. Right out of college, Brian and I (Andrea) couldn’t resist the offer of taking up Cedarhill and assuming

Horse Care Supplies

Empty spray bottles for copper sulfate, show sheen, hair conditioner, fly spray, vinegar after rain, shampoo, conditioner, venice turpentine, poultice, duct tape, sole paint, gloves, surgical scrub, aloe vera, show sheen, hoof packing, magna paste, standing wraps, scratch medicine (AD Cream mixed with Neosporin, Zinc oxide and Hydrocortisone) , diapers… the list goes on.  Make